Am I Crazy?– How to do ‘SelfExamination’

“Am I going crazy?” Many of us or at least someone we know has asked this question at some point of time. Modern life with its trappings of stress, fatigue, disconnectedness, loneliness can get overbearing at times. When we reach a tipping point in a panic attack or a feeling of disconnectedness or loneliness we often ask ourselves if we are going crazy.We might feel the same when we can’t sleep at night.The good news is if you are cognizant enough to ask this question you are perfectly sane. In other words if you think that you are going crazy you are certainly not, ” as in developing delusions, paranoia, or hallucinations, says Gerald Goodman, PhD, an emeritus professor of psychology at UCLA.

“Believing that you are going crazy is a good clue that you are sane,” he says.

Check if you have one of the symptoms below which will explain your ‘feelings of going crazy:

  1. Feeling like going mad? You are not. What could be happening to you instead is a severe bout of anxiety. Anxiety can make you feel like you’re about to lose your mind.. But it’s often just caused by anxiety.
  1. Severe panic attacks too could have a similar impact. The panic attacks indicate a state of alarm triggered in the body.The alarms are false,meaning in reality often there is no reason for panic. Panic attacks typically pass in a few minutes.Typical symptom of a panic reaction is a sense of impending doom,which usually passes in few minutes. Some people have one or two panic attacks in a lifetime. Others have them often enough to be diagnosed with panic disorder (a condition that involves repeated panic attacks and the worry that panic attacks will keep happening).
  1. Just like anxiety, elevated stress is also a reason why you may say, “I feel like I’m going mad”. Persistent stress will eventually make you feel anxious all the time and make changes to how your brain functions. You may think in loops due to persistently elevated stress.You may ruminate;chew on things in your mind. This turns you into a constant worrier, which will compound the issue.You then begin to worry about the fact that you are worrying.
  1. Loneliness,feelings of disconnectedness could be another reason that makes you question your sanity.It is possible to feel lonely in a crowd and even if you are surrounded by people.You may not relate to people or maybe in an abusive and difficult relationship.A relationship break up can result in a very acute experience about the above.A loss experience can feel like you are losing your mind.The loss of control in such situation can feel like is one is losing mind.
  1. If you are suffering from OCD, there will be times when it feels as if you’re going crazy. The reason is know that your behaviour is irrational but you are not able to control it.
  1. If you’re suffering from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), you may have symptoms that make you feel like you’re going crazy. You may have paranoid or have to deal with vivid flashbacks.

What to avoid:
When considering the emotional problems,note that things will feel worse of at night.The problems look and feel worse at night.Do not make any Major Decisions at night,nor should one form judgment about a situation at night
All in all it is perfectly normal to feel that you are going insane at times. As human beings we go through a gamut of emotions.
The good thing about any of these scenarios is they are temporary problems and can go away with a little care. Here are some of the options to help you deal with these emotions.

When to  consider professional help:
Symptoms last for 2 weeks
Suicidal ideas which don’t leave your mind for greater then 24 hours.
Not functioning at work ,at home and significant reduction in socialisation.

The above-mentioned emotions can be part of normal hum experience.You need not do from wait and look after your routine,sleep ,exercise and meditation or distract with activities you like

  1. Exercise – Regular exercise will help keep you healthy both mentally and physically. It releases brain chemical, decreases the levels of stress hormones, improves hormonal balance, and helps you sleep better at night.
  2. Distraction – To deal with anxiety, distract yourself. While you’ll be tempted to spend time alone, you have to shake off these thoughts to get out of stress. Meet your friends and make new plans
  3. A balanced diet – Eat a balanced diet and make special efforts to eat food rich in minerals and vitamins.
  4. Natural Recovery – In most cases, you will recover when source of stress goes away.

All in all it is perfectly normal to feel that you are going insane at times. As human beings we go through a gamut of emotions.

Remember time heals;usually.Things feel worse then they are,a self-preservation trick of human mind so that we react to a situation.